Integrated Solutions/Precision Ag

John Deere Integrated Solutions, GreenStar, AMS, GPS, RTK equipment available at ICON Ag and Turf; Your source for new and used equipment, tractors, combines, sprayers, lawn mowers, hay equipment and skid steers in northwest Iowa.

At ICON Ag & Turf, we know precision farming is a vital part of your farming operation. We have the ability to pull your whole farming operation together and align your machinery with AMS products to allow you to be more efficient and productive in the field – all while collecting data of your inputs and yields. We can then turn that data into information you can utilize to make better decisions and add profitability to your farming operation.

RTK auto-guidance on planters, tillage equipment, sprayers, and combines has been shown to result in an average savings of 5% (ranging from 2 to 7%) on input costs. Another study conducted by Dr. John Fulton at Auburn University indicated that auto-swath technology could result in a 4.3% average savings on input costs for a farm with a payback of around two years. If the savings due to GPS guidance were included, the total cost savings could be in the 20 to 30% range.

We are committed to the cutting edge in accuracy. To achieve accuracy at the level farmers are requiring today, ICON's RTK network is a vital part of your precision farming solution. With ICON's RTK network you can achieve sub-inch accuracy to place your inputs exactly where they are needed. We have towers in most of our area and are continually looking to improve our coverage.

We have also made the commitment to all your mapping needs. From yield maps to variable rate planting and fertilizer prescriptions to help meet your ever-changing needs.


ICON's RTK Network Map